• Salu, je suis libre et seule, je cherch une relation, detente discussion et complicité avec une femme, je tombe bien???

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    Salut mon coeur

  • coucou

  • HI, I am Hamid from Mohamadia- Mascara- Algeria
    ,I am 24 years old
    I am in the last year of mecanical engineering in mascara
    I saw your profile and became intrested of knowing you better ,
    so, I like to chat with you some time,
    If you are interested too, we can chat on MSN or YAHOO mail
    you can send me your e-mail if you like to
    wait for your answer as soon as you read this ,OK?
    see you!!!!!!!!!

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    Ma ch3ri3 tkt g pa oublié tt nô momen ensembl tu rstera tjr ds mn ker!!!!!!!